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Shamolady's shamo stags
October 2006

London's Towers !
October is a two digits month represented by two Shamo stags raised by Shamolady Julia. These two were hatched on May 1, 2006. The 5 months old stags are approximately 4kg/8.8lbs.
Here is what shamolady says about the big stags:
I don't feed them anything special. All my chicks start with commercial crumbs, then go on to commercial growers pellets, which is soon mixed with wheat in growing proportions. By this age it's about 70% wheat 30% pellets. But they are running out loose so are getting lots of grass and other plants, bugs, frogs, mice etc. Yes, they catch mice! When they catch mice or frogs they run round like mad things getting the other chicks to chase - funny to watch! I haven't changed this routine for years. It must just be coincedence of genes this year.

This photo generated 428 pts as of October 1, 2006.

Gà Shamo 5 tháng tuổi được nuôi bởi Shamolady tại Anh Quốc. Giống Shamo phát xuất từ Nhật Bản. Đặc điểm của loại gà này là lớn con, cổ dài, đứng thẳng thế "Ức ngưỡng nghinh thiên."

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As you know, our website rely on members to supply us with profiles of multiple winning fowl around the world. Presently, we do not have any high profile fowl. What we have are fowls with only a few wins but they are fowls that are selected from Central Viet Nam and brought to Ha Noi to compete in large pit for high stake. This month, Thu Hung Ke from Ha Noi, Viet Nam sent us a 2 times winner.

Cảm ơn anh Khoa (ThuHungKe) đã gởi tài liệu con gà ăn hai độ này. Tuy tài liệu còn thiếu chi tiết nhưng gà trông rất tuyệt.

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The ranking title under member's name measure their posting activity at ganoi.com
1. Chick.= Ấu Kê. Minimum battles = 1
2. Battle fowl = Chiến Kê. Minimum battles = 1000
3. Crazy fowl = Cuồng Kê. Minimum battles = 2000
4. Vicious fowl = Hung Kê. Minimum battles = 3000
5. Evil fowl = Tà Kê. Minimum battles = 4000
6. Lethal fowl = Độc Kê. Minimum battles =5000
7. Divine fowl = Thần Kê. Minimum battles = 6000


All material relating to ga noi on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

Scale reading is the study of the legs of gà nòi as recorded in Kê Kinh.
The word "nòi" means bloodline so their bloodline must be fully known.
The examination of fowl include: Head, body, tail, and legs. Scale reading is only part of the art and therefore must be examined in consideration of other factors. This include the conditioning of the cocks, their diet, age...etc. It is unwise to rely on special scale to pit cock in bad condition expecting to win. A rule of thumb is: Given everything being equal, a cock with special scale indicate special talent.
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