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Feathersfriend's Black Burmese
July 2006

This Burmese cock belongs to feathersfriend. It's a 5 times winner in tape/boxing fight. The cock is small, weighing only 6.5 lbs

The background is feathersfriend's farm in Virginia. It's one of the most beautiful setting.

Members gave this photo 279 pts as of July, 2006.

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Note to our members:
Member who has champion fowl that would like to share as monthly profile should contact Yellowspurs through private message. Thank in advance for your contribution.

Profile of Warriors continue....
Our warrior for July is a black fowl with red saddle feathers. The fowl belongs to Mr. Hùng, a friend of Thu Hung Ke in Hanoi, North Viet Nam.
This fowl was purchased from Quang Ngai, Central Viet Nam where it had one win. After it arrived in Ha Noi, it won two more fights against high profile cocks. This fowl delivers kicks to the "Kiềng" and underwing area and so far none of its opponents were able to stay for more than 4 rounds.

Con gà Tía này được anh Hùng, bạn của anh Khoa mua ở Quảng Ngãi. Nó là chuyên gia đá kiềng và đã ăn 3 độ.
Qúy thành viên có thể bấm vào hình để xem thêm chi tiết..

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5. Tà Kê = Evil, wicked fowl. Minimum battles = 4000
6. Độc Kê = Lethal fowl. Minimum battles =5000
7. Thần Kê = Divine fowl. Minimum battles = 6000


All material relating to ga noi on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

Scale reading is the study of the legs of gà nòi as recorded in Kê Kinh.
The word "nòi" means bloodline so their bloodline must be fully known.
The examination of fowl include: Head, body, tail, and legs. Scale reading is only part of the art and therefore must be examined in consideration of other factors. This include the conditioning of the cocks, their diet, age...etc. It is unwise to rely on special scale to pit cock in bad condition expecting to win. A rule of thumb is: Given everything being equal, a cock with special scale indicate special talent.
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