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This section is for Vietnamese living in Viet Nam and around the world who can not read English.

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Notice: does not claim ownership of photos use in our galleries. Photos are used only to promote the keeping of gamefowls as pet. Photos will be removed at the legal owner's request.
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Monthly feature photo March 2005
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Blue Thai cock owned by Cupxiong.
2005, year of the rooster

It's spring time.
Middle of spring is the most comfortable time of the year. The weather is still cold in some part of the country but it's mostly warm and sunny in mid spring.

Cockers feel good about spring time because they can allow their newly hatched chicks to roam the yard now that the weather is getting warm. Your fowls will be happy to celebrate spring time eating fresh, delicious grasses. Please give your fowls plenty of grasses because they contain rich nutrients from the earth making them the best natural food.

This month, we selected this photo from Cupxiong to celebrate Spring. It's a beautiful photo with plentiful of green grasses. Thank you Cupxiong for sharing your photos with us.

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Scale Reading
Độc Biên

The row of tiny scales on the side of the shanks is called Biên.

Most chicken have two rows. If your chicken has only one row, then you are the owner of an Assassin.

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(Source from Mong Lang).

Important Notice

All material relating to ga noi on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

Scale reading is the study of the legs of g ni as recorded in K Kinh.
The examination of fowl include: Head, body, tail, and legs. Scale reading must be taken in consideration of the whole. This include the conditioning of the cocks, the diet, their age...etc. It is unwise to rely on special scale to pit cock in bad condition expecting to win. Given everything equal, a cock with special scale indicate special talent.
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