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Chào các bạn đã ghé thăm. Mời các bạn vào diễn đàn để thảo luận về gà nòi.

Notice: does not claim ownership of photos use in our galleries. Photos are used only to promote the keeping of gamefowls as pet. Photos will be removed at the legal owner's request.
Home of the Naked Heelers.

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Red Beard's Bloody piss colored cross
July 2005, year of the rooster

Red Beard not only has many sexy models but he also knows how to select the best photo to tease people. It's apparent that he's an expert in photography and knows how to use delicious grassy background and correct lighting for his models so chances are you will end up losing to him in a chicken beauty contest.

This cock took home 187 points and beats out his brother to make it to the front page on July 4th, 2005.

Gà đòn của Red Beard. Con này có máu lai của gà Ba Tây. Chủ nhân là người yêu nghệ thuật biết chọn cảnh nên đã chụp được nhiều hình đẹp.

Bốc muối
Nhất thời bốc muối quăng ra
Nhì thời lắc mặt thứ ba né lồng

Bốc muối refer to the unique way a fowl walk. One that lift its leg high and pull its toes togather before putting them down. This walking style indicate that the fowl is articulate and business like.

Many cockfighting manual classified such behavior as top class.

Click here to see a clip of Bốc muối. The file is less than 1 M. (Right click to download, left click to watch.)

Important Notice

All material relating to ga noi on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

Scale reading is the study of the legs of gà nòi as recorded in Kê Kinh.
The word "nòi" means bloodline so their bloodline must be fully known.
The examination of fowl include: Head, body, tail, and legs. Scale reading is only part of the art and therefore must be examined in consideration of other factors. This include the conditioning of the cocks, their diet, age...etc. It is unwise to rely on special scale to pit cock in bad condition expecting to win. A rule of thumb is: Given everything being equal, a cock with special scale indicate special talent.
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