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This section is for Vietnamese living in Viet Nam and around the world who can not read English.

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Home of the Naked Heelers.

Monthly feature photo November 2004

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This beast belongs to lijian.
The Golden Brazillian would like to thank Lijian for sending this photo to us. Your golden Brazillian is a marverlous beast.

We wish you success in your future breeding and hope to see a lot of chicks from this brood cocks.

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Scale Reading

Cock that has Nhân Tự Thới on their brace toes are very fearsome. They are known to possess the skill of pearcing their opponent's eyes.

Our books advises us to be careful when matching against this type of fowl. You may match your fowl with this kind of opponent and won but chances are your fowl will be blind.

Nhân = man, Tự = word, Thới= brace toe. The scales are laid on top of one another beautifully like a tile roof on the brace toe. It's also resemble the shape of the Chinese character , which means "man" and that's how it's got its name.

This photo was contributed to us by gachoihn who live in Hanoi, North Viet Nam.

  This pair of leg was contributed by qabthai.  

Here is another set of Nhân Tự scales. The scales can be one pair or they can be in multiple form covering the whole brace toe.

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