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Vietnamese version:
This section is for Vietnamese living in Viet Nam and around the world who can not read English.

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Notice: does not claim ownership of photos use in our galleries. Photos are used only to promote the keeping of gamefowls as pet. Photos will be removed at the legal owner's request.
Home of the naked heel.

Monthly feature photo December 2004
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Each month, we highlight a selected photo to honor gamefowl owner from around the world. Raising and breeding gamefowl takes devotion and we feel that the owner should be recognized for his/her works. Our selection is for entertainment purposes only. Selected cock is judged solely by appearance.

For December, we select this photo from JP who live in Reunion Island off the East coast of Africa.

Thank you, JP for all the wonderful photos that you have shared with us.
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Hen selection
The pubic bone (xương ghim)

When selecting hen for breeding, Sư Kê in Viet Nam pay attention to the gap between the two pubic bones. The rule of thumb is that the gap should not be wider than the width of your index finger. The offsprings of hen with wide gap will throw loose kicks. Offsprings of hen with narrow gap will throw more solid, concentrated kicks.

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Leg Examination
Narrow shank (quản thắt)

Ga don that have a noticeable narrow point at the middle of the shank (point B) are preferable. Fowl that have all part of the leg A, B, C equal in size are not bad fowl, they are just not as good as those that have narrow shank. Also, fowls with skinny shank are preferable over those that have big shank. They are faster and their whip hurt more.

Don't confuse the shank with the thigh however. Ga don that have long and big thigh are preferable as long as they are proportional to the body. The shape of the thigh deserve more study and we will leave that for future's focus.

Important Notice

All material relating to ga noi selection on this website is applicable to ga noi only. It may or may not hold true for other type of fowl.

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