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South America

Combatente do Bresil (Shamo-variety)

There are various Brazilian Game varieties which have been created using a range of Asian gamefowl crossed with Spanish Game (Combatiente Espagnol) or Old English Game with Malay, Asil or Shamo varieties. The most succesful and reputed variety is a Shamo-like bird created by crossing Spanish Game (Combatiente Espagnol) onto the Japanese Shamo. Breeders then selected for the Shamo-type which today is more or less fixed. Weight 3 to 4 Kg (6.6 to 8.8 Lbs). Used worldwide for fighting in natural and artificial spurs. In Brazil the bird is fought with socalled "puas" which are short conical shaped metal spurs. This bird is also very popular outside Brazil and used for fighting and crossing with Bankiva-type gamefowl (such as the French Grand Combattant du Nord). Bird : Mr.J.Cacomanolis (Holland)

Asil Argentino (Argentina)

The Asil Argentino is the more massive and bully-looking Reza Asil version. Very typical for this Asil is the very strong and massive build body. Asil Argentino were bred to fight with short conical shaped steel or aluminium spurs. This Asil were that succesful that many of them have been imported into Brazil, Peru and other South American countries. Breed features (see the reza asil description in the India gallery) Bird : Mr. Bruno Aimone (1968 - Argentina)

Calcutta Asil (Argentina)

The Calcutta Asil is a variety which has been created (and standarized in 1873 !) in Argentina crossing the small Reza Asil onto the bigger Kulang Asil. Breeding material was imported from India by a couple of bigshot Argentinian cockfighters. The purpose of this creation was to create a mediumweight, slender and agile fighter which was capable to fight with natural and artificial spurs. Weight 3 to 4 Kg (6.6 to 8.8 Lbs) Photo : Carlos Rizzuto (Argentina)


The Cubalaya is a longtailed breed and has been created in Cuba crossing Malayoide birds x Philipine gamefowl. The breed is one of the oldest standarized breeds on the American continent. Very typical the socalled -lobster- tail. The Cubalaya is quite popular in the US and seen in a variety of colours. They are profilic layers. In Europe the breed is more or less a rare breed. Remark : we have no information at all confirming that the Cubalaya is still bred (and or fought) in its homeland Cuba ! Bird : Shamoman (USA)

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