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O-Shamo & Chu Shamo

The Shamo (in the US also known as "Japs") is a Japanese gamefowl breed. The breed is divided into two identical varieties 1) O-Shamo and 2) Chu Shamo. Variety nr 1 is the heavyweight with a weight of 4 to 6 Kg (8.8 to 13 Lbs). Variety nr 2 is the mediumweight. Its weight is limited to 4 Kg (8.8 Lbs) exemptions to height and weight. Very typical for the Shamo is the very upright stand, the very prominent upward pointing shoulders, strong thighs and a drooping tail almost parallel to the backline. The ans vechthoen dat voorkomt in twee gewichts-klassen 1) Chu Shamo tot 4 Kg max. Another related breed similar in type and breeding points is the lightweight Yakido with 2,6 Kg (5,7 Lbs). Bird : Mrs.Julia Keeling (Man)

Ko Shamo

A very popular Japanese bantam gamefowl breed. Weight max.1 Kg (2.2 Lbs). Originally kept in Japan in small pens (however not advised). Easy to breed, good layers, easy to grow and low feed costs. Also very good for kids to start with as they are tame and easy to handle. A good alternative to the big gamefowl breeds. Breed features: very upright stand, prominent shoulders, short -shrimp- tail, pearl eyes, very fine scales. The breed is known for its open or splitted wings (a typical breed feature in Japan). Photo : German Ko Shamo Club


The Yamato (full name = Yamato-gunkei) is a small but bully-looking Japanese gamefowl breed with some very special and typical breed features: a large head with prominent eyebrows, short beak, strawberry or triple peacomb, enormous dewlap, earlobes and wattles, prominent upwards pointing shoulders and a short -shrimp- tail. This breed is not easy to keep as it is prone to vitality prombles (very close inbreeding). Starters should try to get birds from various bloodlines. They also should look for males and females both showing the typical head features ! Like the Ko Shamo the breed has also open or splitted wings. Bird : Mr.Willy Coppens (Belgium)


A very interesting -longcrower- breed from Japan. Created in the 18th century from crossing Shamo gamefowl with the Tomaru longcrower. Result a longcrower with a very deep -foghorn- like sound. Despite its impressive appearance the breed is prone to vitality problems (close inbreeding). Its a very gentle breed and easy to handle. Photo : Internet (Japanese breeder unknown)

Tuzo & Nankin Shamo

Standarized in Europe but still has the status of a mystery breed as its origin (Indian -Asil- roots ?) is not very clear. In Japan standarized as "Nankin Shamo". Weight 1.8 Kg (4 Lbs). The breed is very popular in Europe. Note: in 1965 imported into Europe (Holland). According Mr.Schmudde (USA) the Tuzo and Nankin-Shamo are two different breeds. More research on this topic is necesarry. Breed features : the black colored spurs. The breed is found in black, blackred and white colour. Remark: easy to keep but already very aggresive at very young age ! Bird left : Mr.Willy Kammerling (Germany) Bird right : Mr.Horst schmudde (USA)


This longtailed Japanese gamefowl breed comes from the southern island Kyushu (Satsuma region). Its the only Japanese gamefowl breed being bred for the fight with a single large steel. All others Japanese breeds are fought in natural spurs. Typical breed feature is the long well developed bushy tail. Satsumadori are very alert hot-tempered birds. The breed is very popular in Germany. Seen in various colours. Weight 2.3 to 3 Kg ( 5 to 6.6 Lbs). Photo : Internet (Japanese breeder unknown)


This is the bantam variety of the Yamato-gunkei. Weight is less then a kilo (2.2 Lbs). This breed is quite rare. Only a few are found in Belgium and Germany. Breed features (see the Yamato gunkei description). Remark: in some European countries not recognized as a breed but seen as some sort of intermediar variety of the Ko Shamo.However standarized in its homeland Japan ! Bird : Mr.Dirk henken (Germany)


The Kinpa was created end of the 19th century in Northern Japan (Akita region). Its a bantam-sized breed showing both Asil and Yamato-features. Weight less than a kilo (2.2 Lbs). Standarized in Japan but overthere rare too. Only a few specimins have been imported into Europe (Belgium & United Kingdom). Seen in various colours (including henny-feathered variety). Photo : Shichiro Koyama (Japan)


The Kurekodori is an extremely rare breed and a relative of the Satsumadori. It was first bred in the Kumamoto province (Kyushu / Southern Japan) around 1700. The breed is declared a Natural Monument in 1965. Weight : max.2,3 Kg (5 Lbs). Never imported into Europe or elswhere. (2.2 Lbs). Photo : Japanese publication (ISBN 4-938396-08-04)


The Yakido is a lightweight member of the Shamo family. With a breed of max.2.6 Kg (5.7 Lbs) it was too light to damage the bigger Shamo's and therfor it was used by Japanese cockers as a sparring partner for his bigger counterparts. The Yakido has been imported into Europe (Belgium) in the beginning of the 1980's. It has been standarized for exhibition purposes and is bred in some other European countries too. The Yakido is bred in its homeland Japan in only one specifi colour which is black. Specific features : yellow legs, pearl eye, triple peacomb. Bird : Dr.Adelmar Coimbra- Filho (Brazil)

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