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Sonderverein Asiatische Kampfhuhnrassen

Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen

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Geographical Areas

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Southeast Asia

Ayam Bali - Ayam Bangkok - Sumatra - Gaichon (Thai Game) - Burmese Game - Malaysian Game - Philippine Game


Chinese Gamefowl - Taiwan - Korean gamefowl


O-Shamo - Chu-Shamo - Yakido -Tuzo - Nankin-Shamo - Ko Shamo - Yamato Gunkei - Koeyoshi - Kurekodori - Satsumadori - Chibi - Kinpa

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

Ga Don - Ga Cua - Ga Tre - Dongtao - Ga Ho

Europe (including Russia & Turkey)

Indian Game - Sundanese Game - Dakan (Russian Asil) - Kulanga (Russian Malay) - Hint Horoz (Turkish Asil)

South America & Caribbean

Calcutta Asil - Asil Argentino - Combatente do Bresil (Brazilian Game) - Cubalaya

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

Reza Asil - Kulang Asil - Malay

Australia & Pacific Ocean

Australian Game - Australian Pit Game - Saipan

Africa (including Madagascar & Reunion)

Natal Game - Malgache (Naked Neck) - Reunion Game

Middle East

Afghani Game - Iranian Lari

The above information is based on information received from breeders, consultants, clubs and other poultry organisations in the homelands of the above mentioned breeds & varieties. The classification into breed or variety is not always very easy as this depends on personal interpetation and point of view. The same story counts for the names of breeds and varieties. Often only local names are known. Spelling the correct name in some cases is a real complex task as some countries like India have 19 national langauges and over 200 registered dialects. Nevertheless we still think that the information we provide is most accurate and up to date. The Asian Gamefowl Society welcomes any kind of additional information (especially local names !) to update our database.

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