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Malgache (Madagascar Naked Neck)

The Malgache is a Malay-like bird from the island Madagascar east of the African coast. End of the 19th century Malgache have been imported into France to fight in the French pits. Some were also exhibited at that time in French poultry shows. Apparently Malgache have become scarce. A revival of the breed has been undertaken in France by Madagascar-born Mr.Faure. Breed features : same as the Malay (see India chapter). Weight : 4 to 5 Kg Kg (8.8 to 11 Lbs). Bird : Mr.Michael stempa (Germany) Drawing right : Carlos Finsterbusch (Chile - 1928). Remark : In Europe Malgache have been created by crossing Malayoid fowl Shamo, Malay onto Transsylvanian Naked Necks (Bankiva-type)

Combattant Reunion (Reunion Game)

(photos above : examples of Reunion Game crosses)

Reunion Game are a group of crossbred birds bred on the island of Reunion (east of Madagascar). These naked heel gamefowl are a mixture of two or more of the following breeds : Asil, Malay, Shamo, Vietnamese Ganoi, Thai Game, Brazilian Game, Belgian Game (Bankiva-type) and French Game (Bankiva-type). They dont have any specific physical breed features or typical comb-types or eye and leg colours. Reunion Game are bred for endurance fights in naked heels. Weights : 3 to 5 Kg (6.6 to 11 Lbs). Left : Mr.Felix Hoarau (Reunion), middle : Mr.Matice (Reunion), Right : Mr.J.P (Reunion)

Natal Game

This South african gamefowl breed has been created in the South African province Kwazulu-Natal. Origin of the breeding stock were large Asil strongly resembling the Madras Asil. These birds were kept by the South Indian sugarcane cutters working as contractors for South African planters. In 1952 the breed was standarized and a Natal Game Club was founded. Weight : 3.5 kg to 4.1 Kg (7.7 to 9 Lbs). Natal Game are only present in South Africa. Birds : Mr.Sean Chubb (Kwazulu Natal / South Africa)

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