Asian Gamefowl Society

of America and Canada

Our Objectives

To promote breeding, keeping and conservation of all Asian gamefowl breeds large & bantam
breeds in the United States and Canada. This along the criteria and standards used in the
homelands of these fowl. Other key issues: to stimulate communication and the exchange of
information, knowledge and breeding material between breeders around the world. Gamefowl
people from all disciplines in the hobby and sport are welcome to join the club. Members
are entitled to one AGS yearbook with black/white and color pictures (English language)
All members will receive a detailed a yearly updated membershiplist too. The date of
publication will be announced through the messageboard.

An impression of our AGS Yearbook

Club Messageboard & Forum

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Club Membership

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All information about how to join the club.

Membership USD 25,-

USA & Canada - Map

All US and Canadian states displayed

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Asian Gamefowl Breed Database

Some information on various Asian gamefowl breeds around the world

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Gamefowl Links

A collection of links about the hobby and sport

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Asian Gamefowl Society

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global (main club) website dedicated to all Asian Gamefowl breeds around the world.

Tons of informations and country links.

Ganoi Com

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an international gamefowl community for naked heel Asian gamefowl (go for the Forum)

International Asil Community

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Worlds largest Asil (Aseel) breeders community with tons of information.

Ultimate Fowl Forum

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A variety of gamefowl info and related issues

Sociedad Mundial Protectora del Gallo de Combate

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Mainly dedicated to the gamefowl sport in South and Central America.

Well worth a visit as loads of info and pictures are presented.

American Poultry Association

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Organisation focussing on the exhibition of standarized poultry breeds within the US

American Bantam Association

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Organisation focussing on the exhibition of standarized bantam poultry breeds within the US

AGS - USA & Canada Contacts

Chad Cartwright (USA)

Chad Cartwright "Reza Ranch"
1125 N Oak Park Dr
Springfield,Mo 65802

Taje Gill (Canada)

Taje Gill